Spring 2021 Rinzai Maui Zen Mission Newsletter


Aloha Everyone,

Reverend Yamaguchi will be having a scaled-back Hanamatsuri service at our Temple on Sunday, April 4 at 10 a.m. It is open to members only
and, of course, covid protocols will be in place (mask wearing, social distancing, etc.). Those who feel comfortable attending may do so.

Much has been accomplished over the past few months. Thanks to Raymond Higa of Haliimaile for helping me rehang the large bell in the bell tower. I also added a new striker pole while my friend, Chad Kailiehu, made and installed 2 new railings to the stairway leading up to the bell tower at no cost to our Temple. Raymond also repaired the stairway to the apartments on his own time and expense. Garrett Uyesugi added a Ring Security System for our Temple and for Reverend Yamaguchi’s family residence. We are grateful for their continued generosity and support. We will continue Temple cleaning on every second Sunday of each month and Maui Zendo’s sessions every Monday of each week. We will also be fumigating the Temple and all adjoining buildings and look forward to your continued support for this large project.

We look forward to Reverend Yamaguchi’s ongoing recovery and having more of our community vaccinated. At the same time, we must be mindful that covid cases are still present and on the rise and be diligent in continuing to ollow all safety protocols even after being vaccinated.

I apologize for such short notice on this upcoming service event. The whole covid situation is constantly changing. At this time, the County is allowing religious gatherings, but this could change so we need to be flexible.

In Gassho,

Alan Nago
President, Board of Directors

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