Summer 2019 Rinzai Maui Zen Mission Newsletter

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Welcome to our Obon

Rinzai Zen Mission wishes to invite you to our annual Obon Festival. This year, it will be held on August 17th with services at 6:00 p.m. and Bon Dance to follow. We will have wonderful baked goods and fresh produce at our bazaar tent again, and food and refreshments will be provided by the Maui Okinawa Kenjin Kai. Please come and enjoy the only Okinawan Obon Festival here on Maui.
Alan Nago, President
Rinzai Zen Mission

今年もいよいよお盆の季節となりました。 日本か
す。 例年以上に立派なお参りになります。 踊りの
ボランティアは年々減ってきています。 どうぞ宜

Bon Dance Practice
Our Bon Dance practice will be held on Tuesday, August 6 at 7:00 p.m. Like last year, this will be the only practice before Obon. Please come and enjoy practicing for Maui’s only Okinawan Bon Dance.

Tanagyo Service
Rev. Yamaguchi will take appointments for Tanagyo, the home service for Obon.

Preparation for Obon
Manpower is needed on Friday, August 16, to set up the tent and dressing rooms.

Bazaar items will be accepted on Saturday morning, August 17, beginning at 8:00 a.m. We welcome donations of baked goods, pickles, plants, flowers and vegetables. No rice dishes, please, and also no items with cream fillings or homemade frosting. (Commercial frostings are okay).

Regarding food items, please provide ingredient labels, listing ingredients in descending order of quantity. And please enclose containers in plastic wrap or baggies to prevent ants from getting into them.

Thank you very much !

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