Spring 2020 Rinzai Maui Zen Mission Newsletter

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Beach erosion is not happening over one year.
People packs right next to the Temple every day.

We have canceled all of our regular and seasonal services and activities in April and May because of the recent Coronavirus pandemic. As of right now our June schedule is still tentatively as planned.

Aloha everyone

Congratulations to our recently elected officers and Board of Directors of Rinzai Zen Temple.

  • President: Alan Nago,
  • 1st Vice President: Ken Findeisen
  • 2nd Vice President: GarreH Uyesugi
  • 3rd Vice President: Val Dieguez
  • Treasurer: George Tengan
  • Secretary: Elaine Fujita
  • Directors: Janet Miyahira, Traci Fujita, Shanell Miyamoto, Susan Pirsch
  • Minister & Director: Reverend Ryozo Yamaguchi

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to George Tengan while he recuperates from back surgery. Thank you Shanell Miyamoto for stepping in to oversee our finances during George’s recovery.

Our open discussions with the County of Maui continue regarding the expansion of Baldwin Beach Park and how our Temple can integrate with the County’s plans.

I recently visited our neighboring Paia Mantokuji Mission and was shocked to see the amount of beachfront that has been eroded by ocean activity. There is only 20 feet left before the ocean reaches their kitchen building, and this has transpired only within the last 5 or so years. We wish them the best while they look for solutions.

Although we here at the Rinzai Zen Mission are not in as dire a situation, we need to visualize what may happen to us in the future. Fortunately, we are continuing our open dialogue with the County with the future success of our Temple in mind. Of course, any action regarding our Temple’s future will be decided by our officers, Board of Directors, members, Minister, and our staunch supporters of the Myoshinji Temple of Japan.

Finally, in regards to the current health crisis, please be vigilant and take care of yourselves and family. There is so much information out there that it can be confusing. Please use common sense and treat everyone with kindness.

In Gassho,
Alan Nago, President

We hope this pandemic subsides as soon as possible, but we are carefully monitoring the situaton and following our government’s guidelines and regulations. Please keep in good health and we will get through these tribulations together as a community.


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