February 2022 Rinzai Maui Zen Mission Newsletter

Aloha Everyone,

It’s been a little over a month since we bid farewell to our Reverend Yamaguchi. Let’s not forget Reverend’s contributions to our Temple as he continues to watch over all of us.

We thank Reverend Seiya Chisaka for coming from the Toenji Temple of Japan to preside over Reverend Yamaguchi’s services. Reverend Chisaka will also be live-streaming Reverend Yamaguchi’s 49-day service from Japan via Zoom. This will take place on Tuesday, February 15th at 4 pm Hawaii time. The Zoom service ID is 2269813784 and the passcode is 66134. For those of you who are unable to Zoom, we will be airing the service at our Temple.

Discussed with Reverend Chisaka was the future of our Rinzai Zen Mission. He reassured us that he and his fellow ministers from Japan will continue to support us. He’s still searching for a replacement minister. One of the options being considered is to send a minister with a student visa. The student visa allows them to stay for a longer period rather than the typical 3-month visa. Reverend Chisaka is also planning to send a monk from the Zuiganji Monastery for the month of August to perform memorial services for our members and to help clean our Temple. We have yet to decide whether to hold an O’Bon Festival this year as covid continues to spread throughout the community.

Mika is back in Washington, D.C. and Jesse will be heading back to Taiwan in a couple days. Naomi remains at the Temple while preparing for her move to Haiku. Naomi has a friend who will be staying with her at the Temple in one of the apartments for added security.

In the meantime, we are searching for a live-in caretaker for our Temple who can maintain the grounds and facilities and provide security for the property until a permanent minister can be found.

This New Year brings with it some challenges and also the start of a new era for our Rinzai Zen Mission. We are very grateful for your continued support. Be safe and stay healthy and the very best to all of you this New Year.

In Gassho,

Alan H. Nago
President, Board of Directors
Rinzai Zen Mission

Cleaning of the temple and grounds has been changed to Sunday, February 20th.

The annual membership form accompanies this Newsletter. Thank you to all of you. Together we can carry RZM forward into a new day.

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