Summer 2020 Rinzai Maui Zen Mission Newsletter

    Aloha Everyone,

    With the unpredictable future created by the current pandemic crisis, the Rinzai Zen Mission elected to cancel this year’s Obon festival. We wanted to make a decision as early as possible to notify our ministers from Japan, our members, and all others involved so they can plan accordingly, especially if travel arrangements are involved. Without more accurate and wide-spread testing and a proven vaccine for the virus, we do not want to risk the health and welfare of our members and our community. Please continue with safety protocols and take care as we look forward to better days to come.

    In Gassho,
    Alan Nago, President


Odds ’n Ends

Rev. Yamaguchi is and will be taking any private services appointments for the summer Obon season. Services may be at our Temple or at a private residence. He has not changed his daily offerings of incense and sutra chanting, and will be doing an Obon Service for First Obon (Hatsu Bon) as well as for all our ancestors.

Our telephone system is renewed and working well. Call 808-579-9921. Reverend is not used to new technology yet; just keep calling until he answers.

We hope we’ll be able to return to our full schedule by the next newsletter and people will be able to gather on the beautiful Baldwin Beach again. In the meantime please take care of yourself. Wishing a better time to come, not just for our Island, but for all the world!!!

はお寺まで電話下さい。 お寺でもご自宅で
じです。(808) 579-9921 携帯 269-2209
ます様、そして再びボールドウイン ビーチ

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