May 2021 Rinzai Maui Zen Mission Newsletter


Hope all is well with everyone.

Out of an abundance of caution, the Board of Directors of Rinzai Zen Mission has decided to cancel this year’s Obon Festival. A “no large gathering” rule is still in effect for the County of Maui and as a result, securing the necessary permits for parking has been difficult. And although covid rules and restrictions have been relaxed, the increase in the number of covid variants together with the tapering off of the number of people getting vaccinated is a concern. It is wonderful to be optimistic in getting back to some type of normalcy, but we have come too far along to be lax with the covid rules. So please be diligent and use common sense in protecting yourself and your family.

Since we will not be holding our festival this year, we will take advantage of this downtime to catch up on the maintenance of our Temple and have all of our facilities fumigated this summer. Thank you to all who have already generously donated to assist in this huge undertaking.

With Mother’s Day in May, we are foregoing our monthly cleaning day but will resume our regular second Sunday of the month schedule in June. Thank you to the Maui Zendo Group who will graciously step in and clean our Temple in May.

Reverend Yamaguchi continues to heal and is looking forward to being able to resume his normal routine soon. While realizing his limitations, he continues to strive to recover with the help of his daughters, Naomi and Mika.

Let’s all continue to be safe as we look forward to the return of better days ahead.

In Gassho,
Alan Nago President,
Board of Directors

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