September 2023 Rinzai Maui Zen Mission Newsletter

The family of Reverends John Hara (Wailuku Jodo Mission) and Gensho Hara (Lahaina Jodo Mission) join us at Rinzai Zen Mission with Rev. Seiya Chisaka and other guests from Japan, Rev. Takamichi Suzuki, Rev. Hidetoshi Seino, and Mr. Muneharu Minakawa.

Aloha Everyone,

Thank you for your overwhelming support of our recent Obon Festival. With our community’s attendance and wonderful entertainment from Maui Ryukyu Culture Group, Ukwanshin Kabudan, and Young Okinawans of Hawaii, all who attended had a wonderful evening.

With the fire tragedy on all our minds, we were hesitant to hold Obon, but were relieved to hear we made the right decision to proceed as it provided some relief and distraction, even if only for the one night, to those who had lost so much. Our Obon service was dedicated not only to those members who passed during the last year but also to the people who perished in the devastating Lahaina fire.

With the generosity of individuals, organizations, and our own Rinzai Zen Mission, we raised a total of $10,200 for the fire relief fund. These monies will be distributed to our fellow Buddhist temples in Lahaina: Jodo Mission, Hongwanji Mission, and Shingon Mission. All three of these temples were destroyed in the fire that swept through Lahaina.


Reverend Kodai Haga, our next minister, finally got his visa and booked his flight to Maui. He is arriving October 16th. We will have a welcoming reception for him on Tuesday, October 17th . It will be a catered event and start at 6 p.m. Dessert donations are welcome.

Reverend Seiya Chisaka will be here December 26 and 27 to provide a memorial service for Reverend Ryozo Yamaguchi.

We will be holding a Rummage Sale on Saturday, October 21, 2023 from 8 a.m. till noon in order to raise funds to help support our new minister and our facilities. The sale will include rummage items, plants, food, and baked goods. We are asking donations of rummage items except: please NO clothing, drinking glasses, large appliances, large furniture or baby car seats. We are also asking for donations of pickled vegetables and baked goods. Please label your items listing all ingredients. We can help you with the labeling if you are unable to do so. Please bring all donated items to the Temple on Friday, October 20 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Feel free to call me at (808)281-7181 for any questions.

In Gassho,

Alan Nago
President, Board of Directors

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