Reverend Yamaguchi Health Announcements

Reverend’s Homecoming

Aloha Everyone,

I have good news to report for the latest update on Reverend Yamaguchi’s health. He is progressing quite well and is now able to feed himself, brush his own teeth, and walk with the assistance of an aide and use of a walker. Small steps, but it reflects his resolve to get better and return home.

The date for Reverend’s return to Maui remains tentative and depends on his progress. And although I know that Reverend is looking forward to seeing all of us again just as much as we are to seeing him, I would like to remind everyone of safety protocols regarding his health and well-being during his recovery.

With Reverend’s frail medical condition, he will be in quarantine and isolated for a while once he returns from Oahu, but both Naomi and Mika are here to care for him. As well-meaning as we all are, please do not phone, text, or email Reverend and his family. They will be very busy helping him recuperate and will be unable to return messages. Also, since Reverend will be on a restricted diet, his family would like to ensure that he adheres to it. Although they appreciate the thoughtfulness, please do not drop off any food. Naomi and Mika will be seeing to Reverend’s everyday needs and will reach out to us if needed. Most importantly, while at the Temple for related business, please follow all medical protocols such as the wearing of face masks, social distancing, etc.

This will be my last update for now as Reverend is making good progress, but I’ll let you know should his family need help and when they feel he is well enough to receive visitors.

Just a reminder, cleaning day is the second Sunday of every month starting at 8 a.m. We could really use the help with cleaning of our Temple and outer buildings, and ground and building maintenance.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and continued prayers. In Gassho,

Alan Nago, President

Reverend Yamaguchi Stricken by Brain Aneurysm

It is with a heavy heart that I must share that Reverend Yamaguchi is not well. He suffered a brain aneurysm a little over a week ago and is being cared for at The Queens Medical Center on Oahu. His condition is critical and fluctuates daily. We continue to pray for his quick recovery.

Reverend’s condition will definitely not allow him to preside over any family services in the foreseeable future. With approval from Reverend Seiya Chisaka of Japan, our members may seek help from another Temple for family services. Reverend John Hara of the Wailuku Jodo Mission has graciously agreed to help our members if needed. You can contact him at 244-0066.
We will be restarting our second Sunday of the month Cleaning Day on September 13, 2020 and on every second Sunday of each month thereafter. Of course, this will be contingent on existing pandemic restrictions in place at the time. Work will begin at 8 a.m. and last for approximately 3 hours. Tasks will include cleaning of the Temple and outer buildings and maintenance of the Temple grounds. With the current pandemic still at hand, we will be adhering to all safety protocols such as the wearing of face masks and safe distancing, etc. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Let us continue to pray for Reverend Yamaguchi’s quick recovery.

In Gassho,

Alan Nago,
President, Rinzai Zen Mission

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