April 2023 Rinzai Maui Zen Mission Newsletter

2023 Hanamatsuri - Rev. Hara, Rev. Haga, Rev. Chujo, Rev. Hirasawa,
Mrs. Hirasawa, Eric Moto

Aloha Everyone,

We had a nice turnout for our Hanamatsuri Celebration. Performing the liturgy were Rev. Kyodo Chujo and Rev. Kodai Haga. Rev. Chujo filled in for Rev. Seiya Chisaka since he is recuperating from hip replacement surgery and a broken femur. Rev. Chisaka is doing well and is planning a visit during our Obon Festival on August 19th. Also in attendance was Rev. John Hara of Wailuku Jodo Mission, who often supports us in the absence of a resident minister. Visiting us after the service were Mantokuji minister Rev. Hirasawa, Mrs. Hirasawa, and Kyodan president Eric Moto.

Thank you to all who helped prepare for our Hanamatsuri celebration: cleaning the temple, preparing the hanamido and altar flowers, hosting the visiting priests, providing food for the luncheon, decorating the luncheon tables, and all the myriad of tasks required for such an observance. Also, a big Thank You to all who attended the service. Without you, it would not have been as joyful an event.

Rev. Haga is looking forward to serving as our next minister. He is 27 years old and comes from Rengeji Temple where his father is the head minister. Rev. Haga enjoyed his short visit here, and we found him to be very personable with a good command of the English language. His visa application continues to move forward. While Rev. Haga was here, we met with immigration attorney Richard Berman. The meeting resulted in more paperwork to be filed and a future site visit to our Temple by Immigration Services.

We will be holding a meeting on Sunday, June 18, which is Father’s Day, to plan our upcoming Obon Festival on August 19, 2023. Please join us with your input as our last Obon was held in 2019. We will have a catered luncheon begining at 11:00 a.m. followed by our meeting.

Our rummage/ plant sale which was held on March 11th brought in $2,200. Thank you everyone for working so hard to help pull off this event. We will continue to explore future fundraising events for our Temple.

Thank you to those who have already sent in your membership dues and donations. The dues are $60 per adult individual and $120 per family. For our purposes, a family is a couple with children under the age of 18. Your dues and contributions are crucial in supporting our next minister and for the upkeep of our Temple facilities.

In Gasho,
Alan Nago,
President Rinzai Zen Mission Board of Directors

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