Spring 2018 Rinzai Maui Zen Mission Newsletter

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New Officers & Directors

Thank you Janet for years of Service as Treasurer
Congratulations to our newly elected officers/directors of the Rinzai Zen Mission. The officers are: Alan Nago, President; Stanley Tamayose, 1st Vice President; Val Dieguez, 2nd Vice President; Ken Findeisen, 3rd Vice President; George Tengan, Treasurer; Elaine Fujita, Secretary. The directors are: Traci Fujita, Janet Miyahira, Rachel Shiroma. With Reverend Yamaguchi’s guidance and the support of many during the past years, we are in good financial health.

Thank you to Janet Miyahira, who has served as our Treasurer for the past few decades and is now relinquishing her post to wear the hat of “Grandmother.” She will remain active at RZM though as a Director. Congratulations to Janet on the arrival of her new granddaughter, Hayden. Best wishes to Janet and her family.

In Gassho,
Alan Nago, President

Hanamatsuri is here!

Janet Miyahira
Rinzai Hanamatsuri 1981

The birth of Shakyamuni Buddha was the very first step toward the beginnings of Buddhism. It has been over 2,500 years since the Honored One, from whom so many people in the world have received teachings, was born.

This year we celebrate our annual Paia Hanamatsuri at Mantokuji Soto Zen Mission on Sunday, April 1, at 10:00 a.m. Come and enjoy the company of their past minister Rev. Kenji Oyama, and his wife Naoko. They will be visiting from Yamagata, Japan, where they currently reside.

Let’s celebrate and enjoy our annual get-together lunch!

Please CLICK HERE for photos from past Hanamatsuri Celebrations at the Paia Rinzai Zen Mission

に引き継ぎをお願いしました。 百歳のお母さんの看護をしながらの
ジャネット、本当にご苦労様。 ジョウジ、宜しくお願いします。

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