Spring 2016 Rinzai Maui Zen Mission Newsletter

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Hanamatsuri is here!

bdayWe will celebrate Shakyamuni Buddha’s birthday on April 3 (Sunday) at Mantokuji Soto Zen Mission.

We are not expecting any guests from Japan this year; it will be just the members of three Buddhist temples — Rinzai Zen Mission, Mantokuji Mission, and Maui Dharma Center — all of Paia. As usual, the temples are providing lunch, entertainment, and bingo games.

We always appreciate your dessert contributions, as in years past.

Repair and Maintenance

The buildings at the mission are getting their fair share of damage, being situated on the windward shore of Maui. The three main buildings standing on tall concrete columns are now over 26 years old, and we have started repair work on them over the last few years.

We will continue to repair whatever we need to in order to keep our temple in good shape. We are currently working on the guest house stairs, bell house, fascia board on the temple building, etc. Our lighting system also needs a lot of work. We are updating many fixtures to LED to increase energy savings and the lifespan of our lights.

With all the repair and maintenance that we are doing, we can keep our temple in good shape for many years to come.

春 ー 花祭り
ます。 残念ながら日本からはどなたもお見えにな
ることはできません。 パイアの仏教徒、3つのお
う。 昼食やビンゴはお寺で接待します。 いつも
今お寺はいろいろな修理を行っています。 再建し

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