May-June 2015 Rinzai Maui Zen Mission Newsletter

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was beautifully green, with a clear view of the large beach! You are all aware that our beach has been eroding at a fast pace in the last 20 years. But not this year or last year.

Yes, we have a beautiful wide sandy beach and no longer is the troubled house standing between the beach and the Mission. It is a very popular spot for many young people and they park their vehicles any place they can find, especially on the weekends. So there wasa little concern about traffic problems in the Abbot’s mind as we hosted this year’s Hanamatsuri on April 5th.

But we had a very successful event. We all really enjoyed this year’s celebration with our guests from Japan and members of three Buddhist temples of Paia.

The Most Reverend Matsui is no longer the Secretary General of Myoshinji School of Rinzai Zen, but took the title of the President of Hanazono Education Foundation which oversees Myoshinji’s school system from kindergarten to University. Without question, Matsui Sensei’s dharma talk was the highlight of the Hanamatsuri service. The interpreter had a hard time because of his own emotion, and could see many attendees’ reactions as well, just like two years ago.

Everyone got nice gifts from Matsui Sensei, and Rev. Kajiro’s “Furikake” and “Shio Konbu” went into the Bingo prize bags which everyone received. Rev. Hoshi’s gifts are candles and incense charcoals for the Mission. Thanks to him we have a few years’ supply now.

We had a wonderful lunch with a very large dessert table and Maui Ryukyu Culture Group’s impressive entertainment too.

We hope that Paia Hanamatsuri will keep going like this year’s one and keep our Buddhist community together.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this a successful Hanamatsuri, with special thanks to Rev.and Mrs. Inamura of Mantokuji who put in many extra hours.

Look at our Facebook page which has lots more recent Hanamatsuri photos. Check it out!

けて下さいました。 松井先生の御法話で涙
ムと一日楽しんで頂けたかと存じます。 松井

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