March-April 2015 Rinzai Maui Zen Mission Newsletter

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Problem for Temple


So many people, so many cars!!

Do you know that we were losing so much sand / beach from the front of the temple grounds in recent years? The story has changed very dramatically in the last couple years and we have a very wide sandy beach on our north side now. And that is the big problem for the temple.

Baldwin Beach Park is a very popular spot for all ages, locals and tourists alike, and especially on weekend afternoons. People gather just outside of our property and they all park in front of our entrance (under the NO PARKING signs). Music is very loud too.

So, any large event at our Temple is practically impossible now, unless the weather is poor. We will try to end the Hanamatsuri observance as early as possible too.

Members are welcome to park in our sanctuary any time with Rev. Yamaguchi’s permission. It is a beautiful wide beach here in Paia.

緒になってお祝いいたします。 日本からは二

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