March-April 2014 Rinzai Maui Zen Mission Newsletter

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Spring has come to Maui!
from Rev. Yamaguchi

The island of Maui was blessed this year with lots of rainfall so we can welcome the spring months with lush green hills and valleys.

The lawnmower is running hard on temple grounds twice a week.

Because of the new roof, we do not have to worry about the heavy rain that happened a few times this season.

Hanamatsuri is coming soon. We will celebrate Shakyamuni’s birthday on April 6 (Sunday) at Mantokuji Mission this year. We are expected to have an official from Myoshinji and our old friends from Miyagi as well. It is so fortunate that we are able to keep having traditional activities with many people’s participation. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

久し振りに雨の多い年になりました。 やはりマウ
ものです。 お寺の芝もよく伸び(草は芝より一段
早く)毎週二度も芝刈り機が走り回っています。 屋
する事がなくなりました。 緑の季節の恒例行事は
花祭りです。 今年は4月6日に満徳寺に集まること
になっています。 今年も日本から何人もの先生方
がお越し下さるはずです。 毎年の行事がいつまで
いたしております。 本当に有り難いことです。

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