July-August 2012 Rinzai Zen Mission Newsletter

Obon season is here!

Maui has 13 active Buddhist Missions, and every temple holds an Obon service for ancestors, and they host Bon dance celebrations for one or two nights. Our first Obon started on this very same grounds in the summer of 1932. Yes, this is the 80th year of our Okinawan Bon festival, the only uniquely Okinawan one on Maui.

As you know, our dance circle, intermission programs, parking space, and food booths are getting bigger and better, but the number of core volunteers is very small. We need many more volunteers to sustain our most important activity of the year. Directly after the service, the Abbot will divest himself of his priestly robes and take on the role of Trash Collector. Please help us in anything you are able to do, and keep us going for many more years to come.

今年もお盆の季節が参りました。 行事はど
替えてゴミ集めに飛び出します。 どうぞ皆様
申し上げます。 私たちの伝統行事が永く続き

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