Reverend Yamaguchi’s Service

Here are the details for Reverend Yamaguchi’s service.

A regular service for the general public and those members wishing to attend will be
held at the Rinzai Zen Mission on Friday, January 7th. Again, we are respectfully
asking that anyone attending the service be fully vaccinated, wear a mask, and follow
all covid protocols. Visitation will begin at noon with service to follow at 2 p.m.
Reverend Seiya Chisaka of Japan’s Toenji Temple will be presiding over the service.
With the surge in covid cases on Maui, we are trying our best to accommodate
everyone safely and appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

For those unable to attend Reverend Yamaguchi’s service on Friday, you may do so
through a Zoom video link. The ID number is 2269813784 and the pass code is

In Gassho,
Alan Nago
President, Rinzai Zen Mission

“What was once enjoyed and deeply loved, we can never lose,
For all that we love deeply becomes part of us.” ~Helen Keller

May the new year be a happy, healthy, and peaceful one for all.

Open House to review two concepts for Baldwin Beach Park Master Plan

The County of Maui Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) invites the public to review and comment on two concept options for the Baldwin Beach Park Master Plan during an open house on Thursday, May 30, 2019.

All you see here becomes open field and parking.
Click for larger photo

The open house is from 4:30 to 7 p.m. at the Paia Community Center, 252 Hana Hwy. People may drop in at any time while it’s open.

During the open house, DPR will provide concept sketches on a series of panels, and residents can offer comments at stations, or speak directly to the project’s design team and county staff. The two concepts have been prepared with the assistance of a project advisory committee, comprising 12 people who bring a variety of perspectives and expertise. The committee has met twice with DPR staff and the consultant team to prepare the concepts.

All you see here becomes open field and parking.
Click for larger photo

The project area consists of about 54 acres and stretches from the existing park next to the Maui Country Club to Lower Paia Park. The center of this project area includes a 25-acre undeveloped parcel that more than doubles the size of Baldwin Park. With this addition, the park will be one of the largest beach parks on Maui.

All you see here becomes open field and parking.
Click for larger photo

“From what our advisory committee members have said, Baldwin Park was once a very popular place for families to enjoy the ocean, to play sports, and to have family gatherings,” DPR Director Karla Peters said. “Our hope is that the park can be redeveloped to once again serve this role for the island’s residents.”

After this open house, the advisory committee will work with the department to select a preferred concept and finalize the design. A final open house will then be held to present the final master plan. Once the final master plan is completed, additional technical studies may be needed to refine details of the plan that deal with flooding, transportation and infrastructure improvements.

The department is working with a consultant team headed by DTL Hawaii, which includes PBR Hawaii (landscape architects), Sea Engineering, Aina Archeology and J. Uno & Associates.

For more information, contact David Yamashita, Planner VI, at 270-6508 or

Winter 2019 Rinzai Maui Zen Mission Newsletter

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The beach is back and very wide in front of our Mission.
Compared with the last newsletter, three months
makes a difference of night and day.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Let’s reflect on this past year and realize how fortunate we are here at Rinzai Zen Mission:

••• Thank you Reverend Seiya Chisaka and everyone at the Myoshinji Temple of Japan for your continued generous support.
••• Gratitude also to our Board of Directors who have given much of their time and effort to our Temple.
••• Deepest appreciation to Reverend Ryozo Yamaguchi for his guidance and selfless dedication to our Rinzai Zen Mission.

Because of them, our members, and our supporters, we have enjoyed much success here. It is an honor to work alongside all of you. Let’s continue to do our best for each other and our community. May all of you have a happy and healthy New Year!

Alan Nago, President

明けましておめでとうございます。 皆さ

Dues for the coming year
We have not changed our dues since 1986. $60/person, $120/family.
Please CLICK here to download our membership form.

Schedule for Memorial Service 2019

1 year2018
3 years2017
7 years2013
13 years2007
17 years2003
25 years1995
33 years1987

Autumn 2018 Rinzai Maui Zen Mission Newsletter has been Published

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Annual Beach Erosion Report

This year’s pictures of the beach fronting our boundary are quite different from last year. The exact distance from high tide line to our boundary is 60 feet. Yes, the beach has eroded 10 feet in one year. One ironwood is down and three more to go soon.

There are so many natural disasters happening all over the world this year. Rinzai Zen Mission is very aware of our situation regarding the erosion of Baldwin Beach. Fortunately, we have had so many years of peace in beautiful surroundings.

Please CLICK to View the Beach Erosion Report Photo Gallery

Almost time for the Paia Rinzai Zen Mission OBON!!!

The Rinzai Zen Mission is pleased to invite you, your family, and friends to our Obon service and dance. Please come and experience the traditional dance styles of Okinawa, the only one of its kind on Maui.

We look forward to seeing all of you as we share our live Okinawan music and performances as well as the delicacies offered by our community.

The 2018 Rinzai Maui Obon Festival is being held August 18th
the Service begins at 6pm and the Dance Starts at 7pm

Please CLICK HERE for complete information.

Photo credit: Masako Cordray

Spring 2018 Paia Rinzai Zen Mission Newsletter has been Published

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Over 22 years have passed since the rebuilding of the present kitchen.

We renovated the inside a couple years ago for more space and easy accessibility. The kitchen has been well utilized during Obon and other occasions. However, due to the proximity of the ocean salt air, strong winds, and general wear and tear over time, the asphalt shingles are deteriorating and breaking off. We are planning to cover the old roof with a new one sometime this year.

Also there are many minor troubles in our buildings as with anyone’s house. We are always trying to keep up our facilities in the best of conditions. This is made possible with your continued support, along with our Head Temple Myoshinji’s annual contributions, and Toenji’s generous donations.

A basic clean up is done in front of our entrance.

The fire extinguisher from the kitchen was emptied but didn’t have much effect. Fire Engine 2 from Paia station is always big help.

A life guard worked hard too and he picked up a syringe near the fire too.

The main part of old lime kiln is empty now. No residents, no tourists.

The life goes on at Baldwin beach.

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