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Photo Masako Cordray

Photo Masako Cordray

Beach or Cliff?

Pictures tell you more than words can say about what’s happening around Rinzai Zen Mission and Baldwin Beach Park. I have been here almost thirty years and seeing many changes in Paia town and its environs. Of course, many of you remember Paia as the old plantation town, the lime kiln, and sandy beaches that reached to the reef.

Please Click to see a couple photos I took on September 13.

The shortest distance from our boundary to the water’s edge is just 70 feet now. That is more than 10 feet shorter than last year.

We will work to prevent water from entering our grounds and damaging our buildings, but we cannot stop powerful nature’s movement forever. We still make and keep our schedules, but the park entrance can be closed at any time and could be closed many days without information as it was at the beginning of September. I will inform regular participants of any cancellations, but if you hear of high surf or storm warnings affecting the north shore, please check with me before driving into Paia.

Rev. Yamaguchi

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