The beach is wide and beautiful

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Because over-growing trees have been reaching the power line, we have had to cut a few trees along the ocean-side border of the property. Now you can see the beach and ocean very clearly. At the same time, we have built up the land on our ocean side to protect from tsunami/rising water impacts as much as we can.

Nature has so much power over what people can do, but we need to try our best to live and negotiate with each occurrence. Nature is an extremely powerful force. People who live around our mission are also experiencing nature’s very powerful presence.

IMG_0125-150While we reported in a newsletter last year about things happening around our property, it is getting worse and there seems to be no control over the problems. The park gate is not locked anymore. Non-local kids have parties late into the night in and outside of the park pavilion, and so on. Unfortunately, things have happened on our property as well. Our security chief, Rev. Yamaguchi’s dog Umi, is working very hard at her 24- hour job.

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