Rinzai Zen Mission 2016 Obon is Happening THIS Saturday

Yes, Saturday August 20th, the famous Rinzai Obon is happening on the Rinzai Zen Mission grounds in Paia Maui next to beautiful Baldwin beach.

Come and experience the traditional dance styles of Okinawa, the only one of its kind on Maui.

Services begin at 6:00 p.m. and Obon dancing and entertainment start about 7:00 p.m.

This year we will have almost thirty students dancers from Yaeyama Norin High School of Ishigaki Island in southern Okinawa. We are so sure that whoever comes to our Obon on August 20th will have a very enjoyable night with their dance and our music.


Many thanks (Plenty Mahalos) go out to our sponsors for their generous support: Ukwanshin Kabudan, Agu (a ramen bistro), Maui Beach Hotel, The Pagoda Hotel and Island Air.

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